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We Take Pleasure To Introduce Ourselves as one of the renowned organizations, Engaged as Supplier, Dealer, Distributor of Pneumatic Piping Systems, Compressed air Piping Systems, PPRC (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) / PPR (Polypropylene Random) Pipe Accessories / Fittings, Pneumatic Pipes Fitting, KPT Piping Systems, KPT PPR-C / PPR Piping Systems, Pneumato Pipes, Plastic Pipe Systems, We are also industrial product sales and services entity in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

PPR Pipe And Fittings Dealer, Pune

KPT PPR Pipe Fittings, Dealer
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  • Very less heat loss due to lesser thermal conductivity.
  • Lesser sagging because of very less thermal expansion.
  • High temperature and high pressure with stand capacity due to inbuilt GFR reinforcement layer.
  • Since having 0.1micron RA value and mirror finish inner surface, 40% to 60% lesser friction compared to other pipe.
  • Reduced thermal expansion will reduce clamping.
  • Style fittings offer a tight, leak free fit.
  • As a result of socket Fusion joint, 0% leakage.
  • 60% layer of glass fiber reinforcement in the pipe.
  • Excellent performance with long life in direct sunlight having UV resistant on the upper layer.
  • Reduced linear expansion coefficient, only 1/3 of that of normal PP-R
  • Higher strength and stability of dimension. It can stand 25% more pressure than PP-R at the same condition
  • Improved resistant to impulse udder low temperature. It can used in 90° for a long time
  • With the same condition of pressure, wall thickness of PPR fiberglass pipe is thinner, increasing inner diameter of the pipe, bigger of the air flow.
  • Direct connect with water table within the health of non-toxic, good scalability, no formation of sphagnum.

We are Supplier, Dealer, Distributor of PPRC / PPR Pipe Coupling / Coupler, Coupling Pipe Fittings, Elbow 90 (90° / 90 Degree) Pipes, Elbow 45 (45° / 45 Degree) Pipes, Equal Tee Pipe Fittings, Reducing Elbow Pipe Fittings, PPR C With Steel inlay Flanges, Flange Core / Stub End, KPT PPRC Flange Core / Stub End, PPR Pipe Slip On Flanges, PPR Plain union, 4 Way / Cross Tee, PPR Pipe Clamp Fittings, PPR Male / Female Threaded Tee, PPR Male / Female Threaded Elbow, PPR Gate Valves, PPR Male Threaded Union, PPR Reducer Tee, PPR Tank Connector, PPR End Cap, PPR Pipe Single Lever Ball Valve, PPR Male Threaded Coupling, PPR Female Threaded Coupling, PPR Female Threaded Union, PPR Double Union Ball Valve, PPR By Pass Band, PPR Weld in Saddle Reducer, PPR Weld Saddle, PPR Weld in Saddle Female Threaded Coupling and our setup situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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