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We take pleasure to Introduce ourselves as one of the renowned organizations, Engaged as Supplier, Dealer, Distributor of Superproof Rubber Bellow, Rubber Bellow Mechanical Seal, Single Spring Rubber Bellows Mechanical Seals, Mechanical Seal with Rubber Bellow, Coil Spring Seal, Conical Spring Seal (Type 31), Conical Coil Spring Mechanical Seal Seal (Type 31), Conical Single Coil Spring Mechanical Seal, Unbalanced Pusher Mechanical Seals, Unbalanced Non Pusher Mechanical Seals, Magnetic Bearing Isolator, Thermosyphon (Thermosyphon) Systems, Pusher Seals, Conical Coil Spring, Mechanical Seal, Single Coil Spring Seal (Type 41, 42), Single Coil Spring Seal (Type 43, 44), Multi Spring Seal (Type 51B, 52B), Multi Spring Seal (Type 51U, 52U), Single Spring Seal (Type 44 UC), Single Spring Seal (Type 61U, 62U), and We are also industrial product sales and services entity in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

superproof mechanical seals dealer

Type TS 20 & TS 40 - Thermosyphon System:

  • The Thermosyphon provides lubrication, dissipate heat and maintain the temperature and required pressure gradient across the seal faces in case of double back to back and tandem seal arrangement for pumps and agitator seals. Plan 52 and 53A configurations. Economical light and heavy duty reservoir for general service applications. Instrumentation on each reservoir is according to local standards and can be adapted to suit application and customer requirements. 304 and 316 stainless steel construction. Cooling coil is optional.
    MOC: SS 316, SS 304 and MS
    TS 20 Pressure Limit : 20 bar TS 40 Pressure Limit : 40 bar
    Temperature: Up to 200°C

We are Supplier, Dealer, Distributor of Reverse Balance Multi Spring Seal (Type 74), Reverse Balance Multi Spring Seal (Type 73), Non Pusher Seals, Rubber Bellow Seal (Type 21, 22), PTFE Bellow Seal (Type 71), Metal Bellow Seal / O Ring (Type 81, 82), Cartridge Seals, Balance Cartridge Seal (Type 55B / C), Metal Bellow Cartridge (Type 82 / C), Double Cartridge Seal (Type ZR600 / D), Single Cartridge Seal (Type ZR800 / S), Double Semi Cartridge Seal (Type ZR100/D, ZR200/D), Double Semi Cartridge With Black Plate, Slurry Seal for Non Metallic Pump (Type ZR300/D IMS, ZR300/51U/P IMS), Face to Face Seal (Type ZR400/D), Agitator Seals, Reactor Seals, Dry Running Seal (Type SPD103, SPD103/B), Dry Running Seal For High Speed (Type SPD104, SPD104/B), Dry Running Seal For Glass Lined (Type SPD105, SPD105/B), Double Mechanical Seals, Double Mechanical Seal for ANFD, Double Seal for Glass Lined Reactor, Double Seal For Bottom Entry, Double Seal for Mill, Double Seal for Hydrogenator, Double Seal For SS Reactor, Bearing Isolator, Close Tolerance Bearing Isolator and our setup situated at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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Magnetic Bearing Isolator Dealer
Bearing Isolator Dealer
Magnetic Bearing Isolator Dealer
Magnetic Bearing Isolator Dealer
Magnetic Bearing Isolator Dealer
Magnetic Bearing Isolator Dealer